Nina Christian
Nina Christian

Want to know a little about me?

I am Nina Christian


I live between Milan, Italy - Syracuse, New York, USA


My astrological sign is Leo. I am woman hear me roarrrrrrrr! GGGGGrrrrrr!

Born August 20, 1979 <- (Pending)

I am a 35 Forever transgender woman - Entertainer - Author - Blogger - Parent/Grandparent - Lover of life!


My passion in life is to create music, play piano and sing! Music has been a form of therapy through out my life, and continues to help me through the worst and best of times!



Human life is limited, but I intend on living forever, come join me in being an immortal. Let's change the progressive erosion of our internal order! How you ask, by living an honest life, embracing our innner beauty and the beauty of all beings on this earth, eat slowly, and LIE LIKE HELL ABOUT OUR AGE!!!!!!! 


Lots of love to you all, 

Nina Christian

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